1. magictransistor:

    Ram Dass. Be Here Now. 1971.

  2. I can’t abandon
    the person I used to be
    so I carry her
  3. Window-shelf styling with new collage circular block: The Mighty Chevron (reduced to its minimal unit).

  4. stokedsunshine:

    Photography series by Emma Kisiel, “At Rest” 

    "At Rest is a photographic series depicting roadkill on American highways and addressing our human fear of confronting death and viewing the dead. My images draw attention to the fact that, while man has a vast impact on animal and natural life, the dominant religion in America insists that animals do not have a place in Heaven and are, therefore, of little value in our society.
    —Emma Kisiel”

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  5. preciousandfregilethings:


    Watanabe Seitei

    'Bird On A Perssimon Tree'


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  6. gatotepowers:

    A SS Waffen officer about  to be eaten raw. Interrupting Gatote’s nap is never a good idea. Digital collage by G. Powers himself (25-6-14)

  7. telltalespider:


    Created a larger photoset for the Monster Series #2 :)

    Prints at

    Quyen Dinh

    Unreal talent

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  8. make me choose
    Anonymous asked: Raging Bull or Mean Streets

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  9. magictransistor:

    Georg Bartisch, Ophthalmodouleia, 1583.

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  10. gatotepowers:

    Kozmik Bear Cub, digital collage by Gatote Powers (June, 2014)

  11. urgetocreate:


    Nigel Van Wieck, “Q Train”, from the Working Girl series, pastel on paper, 1990. Nigel Van Wieck is an American artist who lives and works in New York. (mistakenly attributed to Edward Hopper)

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